2D Animation Process 1

Here is a video depicting the process of creating 2D animation

showing Huckleberry Hound (c Hanna Barbera) tossing a softball.

I first start with ruff poses created from pencil thumbnail sketches to show the action with ruff timing of the poses set against a pencil background. All was transferred into the computer where the animation was hand drawn into the computer using Adobe's Animate CC program.

These poses are then refined as true character ruffs  showing more detail. More ruff drawings are added to smooth out the action, subtle gestures like blinks and follow thru are also added to give more of a life-like appeal to the character movement. After this, final timing of each frame of animation is refined and the drawings are digitally inked and colored and placed over a digitally painted rendition of the background over which the character action is placed. There are 2 versions of the colored final - the first with a more refined line around the character, the second retaining the ruff lines from the original animation.


Click on the link button to view the video.

HH_1 Scene Process html HH-! Scene process jpg