2D Animation Process 10

Here's a method of animating a character action by starting with thumbnail gesture drawings (no detail)  to define the path of action. The thumbnails will serve as key animation drawings that can be either redrawn or sized up to the appropriate character size you want to work with on animation paper or a digital stage. I used a combination of pencil on paper and drawing directly onto the animation stage in Adobe Animate CC.

After the keys are drawn and properly spaced to animate across the physical stage, the action is timed while working out how many inbetween drawings will be needed.

The method is to use the gesture  drawings as a guide and redraw the finished character art over them as cleaned up drawings. Once the keys are all redrawn in this manner, you can finish by adding the necessary inbetweens in order to smooth out the action.  The butterfly action will be added later.


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