2D Animation Process 12

An example of straight ahead key animation

(drawing one key after the other to flesh out the action) involving two characters which need to have their respective timings worked out separately but with the goal of making them act as one.

After planning the action for the scene, the ruff animation drawings (known as KEYS), were drawn on paper and scanned into the Animate CC program and were aassigned specific frames on the animation timeline to make the action look convincing (there are 24 frames per second for this type of animation).  The cleaned up drawings below were drawn "over" the ruffs (each character drawn on its own layer). Once inbetween drawings are created to smooth out the action, all drawings would be inked & painted digitally and placed over a digitally painted version of the layout background drawing..


This page shows the playback of the timed clean up keys before inbetweening.


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YB_1_2_CU KEYS TIMED YB_1__Key 1