2D Animation Process 6

There are 2 basic ways to create animation, straight ahead and pose to pose. Straight ahead animation is where you draw the action as it happens - one drawing after the other - as opposed  to the pose to pose method where the extremes of the action are drawn first, timed, and then inbetween drawings added. Even with straight ahead animation the final timing of the action needs to be established and inbetweens added where needed to smooth out the action.  Most animation uses a combination of both. When animating dialog I tend toward pose to pose as strong gesturing helps sell the dialog, whereas quick action movements generally are best handled straight ahead. Here is an owl based on Disney's Archimedes from The Sword In The Stone that I animated straight ahead and later adding some inbetweens to smooth out the action. It uses a combination of drawings held for 2 frames along with those held for 1 frame. A combintion of 2s and 1s is used to create the best illusion of motion where the character needs to appear to have weight. The version on the LEFT are the keys (in red) that were drawn straight ahead and then timed. The version on the RIGHT has added drawings.

(in blue) to smooth out the action. They are also in very ruff form to capture the movement without worrying about detailed drawing.

The drawing is a more refined drawing of

Key pose 4.


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Archimedes_Ruff keys timed Archimedes_Ruff keys timed w inbetweens Archimedes Key 4