Animation Pencil  1

Here is a short pencil test of a character from a Sugar Crisp cereal commercial from the late 1980s/early 1990s I worked on for Mark Zander Productions. (Mark was the son of the legendary animator Jack Zander of Warner Bros and MGM animation fame. Jack animated many classic cartoon characters such as Bugs Bunny, and Tom & Jerry, just to name a few).


These are the ruff key drawings I produced drawing straight ahead and then timed (assigned frame numbers to the drawings) the action. Since this was animated to a dialog track, body action and mouth shapes had to match over the frames where the dialog took place as per the exposure sheet (in the digital animation world this would be equivalent to the timeline).  Later on,  inbetween drawings were added to smooth out the action and then all drawings cleaned up before being inked and painted onto cels.


This is a reconstructed version from my original animation drawings that I imported into Animate CC in order to reconstruct the timing of the action and then export as a video.

Unfortunately, there is no sound track with this reconstructed version.


The drawing shown is the last key (drawing #25 in the sequence falling on frame 164 and held for 5 frames for 7 seconds of screen time.


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fr 164 Wizard_Sugar Crisp