Animation Pencil  2

This is ruff pencil test animation from my Adventures Of A Little Boy series. It was animated straight ahead, meaning no key poses drawn first. The entire flow of action was drawn from the first drawing to the last. After that, some inbetweens were added to smooth out the movement. As you can see, this is drawn very loosely which is a very freeing (and quicker) way to animate; however, the more ruff and loose the drawings are, the more time will be spent cleaning up those drawings; essentially having to redraw each drawing. With clean up work, you're not just adding detail to the drawings, but you need to pay attention to maintaining accurate volumes (size) of the character so he doesn't appear to suddenly shrink or enlarge from one drawing to the next as well as adding such things as drag and follow through of moving parts (ie shirt sleeves, hair, etc). The clean up drawings are generally drawn over the ruffs but on clean sheets of animation paper using a light box. Some of the animation drawings were drawn on white bond animation paper and some on grey animation vellum, hence the flickering in playback.


The drawing on top (frame 624) is the original ruff and the one below is the clean up version. The left link shows the animation as if the drawings were being flipped slowly so you can view the action to check for mistakes in movement. The right link is for the

completed sequence timed and projected at 24 frames per second.


Click on the links to view the videos

fr 106 ruff fr 106 cu TRANSFORMATION SEQUENCE_flipped 6fps TRANSFORMATION SEQUENCE_24fps